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Strahan Law Firm PLLC is a full-service business law firm specializing in startups and small businesses. Our principal office is located in Houston, Texas, and we work with companies all across the State of Texas. Founded on the principle that top-notch legal counsel should be accessible to companies of all sizes, Strahan Law Firm PLLC’s innovative approach to the traditional law firm culture is what sets us apart. Whether it is a new business venture, investment round, strategic partnership, or complex corporate dispute, we are here to help you build and sustain your dream.

Business Sectors

Business Transactions

At Strahan Law Firm, our team excels at transactional work. We carefully craft the documents…

Outside General Counsel

Have you ever wanted to ask your lawyer a question, and the only way to get the answer…

Business Formation Law

Choosing how your business will be structured determines how your company operates…

Real Estate Transactions

The buying and selling of property can be an exciting, but stressful time in your life…

Mergers Acquisitions

Strahan Law Firm provides the legal guidance you need to ensure due diligence…

Legal Services for Startups

You have the perfect idea and the perfect team – now you need the perfect startup attorney…

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    Managing Partner

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