Business Transactions

Business Transactions

At Strahan Law Firm, our team excels at transactional work. We carefully craft the documents and contracts your business needs to run smoothly, and comb through to make sure everything is set for success. Successful business transactions not only resolve each party’s need to close the deal efficiently, they prove their value over time by defining commitments and performance measures, setting work standards and deliverables, memorializing consideration, and setting remedies. These transactions must be purposefully drafted and negotiated so as to withstand legal and practical challenges when. Our detail-driven attorneys will comb through every aspect of each transaction, setting your business up for continuing success.
• Service contracts
• Employment agreements
• Contractor/subcontractor
• Purchase/sales agreements
• IP license agreements
• Commercial leases
• Property and equipment leases
• Loan agreements
• Partnership agreements and joint ventures
• Franchise agreements
• Independent contractor agreements
• Consulting agreements
• Distributor agreements
• Releases
• And more!

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