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Have you ever wanted to ask your lawyer a question, and the only way to get the answer is scheduling an appointment and fighting for attention? As a startup or entrepreneur, you will constantly be looking for legal guidance through all aspects of the business. The best way to avoid waiting, is to have outside general counsel just one phone call away.
Your day-to-day business touches on many legal issues, particularly in the areas of licensing, regulation and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, management decisions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, competition, financing, and employment. Hiring an in-house general counsel or other legal professional will cost your company six figures annually, but Strahan Law Firm is the perfect solution. Our skilled attorneys can function as outside general counsel to your company, saving you time and money. Using our legal and business experience, Strahan Law Firm’s proactive attorneys will guide you and your company through the numerous legal issues facing Texas businesses today.
• Ideal for Businesses
• Experiencing rapid growth.
• Considering an IPO.
• Hiring and managing employees.
• In regulated markets and industries.
• Engaged in frequent B2B or B2C transactions.

How Strahan Law Firm Fits Into Your Organization:

As Outside General Counsel, Strahan Law Firm will be at the head of your corporate legal department and responsible for the legal affairs of your entire organization. We will provide legal counsel to the board of directors, chief executive officer, and other senior management. We will also be a strategic business partner and provide proactive advice and oversight in numerous areas.
Legal counsel that fits into any business budget. Our Essential Outside General Counsel Plan assures your business will get expert, actionable solutions to legal problems and access to specific types of legal knowledge when you need it -- All for the price of a typical office secretary. This Plan is ideal for businesses navigating day-to-day operations while maintaining growth goals for the future.

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